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This is Abhishek Bagade's blog on which I try to maintain my hobby projects and other stuff. I try to add blogs related to GATE, Arduino Projects and general ML side projects.

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About me

I am an energetic and outgoing person who loves to interact with people. I love to trek and cycle and generally enjoy company. Below is a short bio of me.

Professional and Educational Background

I’m working currently with Salesforce as an Associate Member of Technical Staff with the Industries Surveys team. You can find my current CV here

I completed my Masters’ in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2019. Before that I completed my Bachelors in Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. I have completed my schooling from Holy Cross English High School, Aurangabad.

I’ve completed my Masters as a Research Assistant with the System Adminstrators of CSE department. My M.Tech thesis was in “Fake News detection: Fact checking and Bias Detection” with Prof. S. Sudarshan and was co-guided by Prof. Soumen Chakrabarti. The pdf of the final report can be found here here.

My main interests are in the fields of NLP, Machine learning and general system administration. I love to hack around using arduino and Raspberry pi.


I love trekking and I’ve completed multiple hard to medium difficulty treks in western ghats and Himalayas. My other interests include reading books, mainly biographies, Non-fiction and I’m starting with fiction(moslty fantasy and sci-fi).

I love watching movies and I’m proud of the reviews I’ve written for movies I’ve watched as part of my Institute Elective called “Perspectives on World Cinema”. You can check out the pdf here

I mainly use facebook for keeping up with friends, I rarely post any updates though. I update all the books i’ve read on goodreads. I maintain professional acquaintance through my linkedin profile. Anyone who wishes to get in touch can mail me on [email protected]. I’ve also written some answers on quora

Ever since WFH began I’ve been travelling and working from some nice locations in India. I’ve been encouraged by my friends to start documenting these travels. Since then I’ve been active on my Instagram (after 6 long years!) and also I’ve been posting some travelogues on Youtube

GATE and M.Tech related stuff

Side projects